Visual Arts Scholarship

Last year saw some of the best results we have had at Rangitoto College in the Visual Arts at NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship. Even following the challenges of lockdown in 2020, students across all three media at Level 3 (Painting, Photography, and Design) put the work in to submit stellar folios and accompanying Scholarship submissions. These are competitive levels of study and students are required to demonstrate an advanced depth of thinking for Scholarship in the Visual Arts, which involves students submitting eight A3 pages of research and reflection along with their three board folio.

A total of 14 students achieved Scholarship in the Visual Arts in 2020—seven in Photography, four in Design and three in Painting. Above are four top examples: Nadine Lees in Photography, who achieved Outstanding Scholarship and explored the ocean, photographing much of her board in the surf using her iPhone in a waterproof case; Chris Chao, the Clive Bartlett Photography Cup winner for 2020, who explored dreams and surrealism, demonstrating an advanced command of Photoshop; Sarah Yang, a Design student who created an original graphic novel for young people, and who was also chosen to be included in the prestigious Top Art Exhibition which tours the country this year; and Elim Hu, our top Painting scholar whose work imagines a future run by Artificial Intelligence. 


Congratulations to all Visual Arts Scholarship recipients.