Student Committees

Academic Committee

In Term 2, the Academic Committee put on Rangitoto College’s own version of the popular television show “The Chase”. This quiz-style event challenged the young minds of the student body against the teacher heads of departments.


The prize of the event was the chance to donate $2000 to a charity of their choice! Over the course of qualifying, semi-final and final rounds, the best and the brightest students from all year levels were challenged to the ends of their minds until Year 10 Finn O’Sullivan was titled the Chase Champion of 2021. In addition to earning the title, Finn chose to donate his prize to the Starship Foundation. The Starship Foundation invests support in impact programmes designed to accelerate and deliver sustainable world-class healthcare for the children of Aotearoa.

Arts Committee

On Friday 4 June, students from around the school gathered in the auditorium for a lunchtime filled with music, high energy, and fun. Big Lunch In is an annual event organised by us, the Arts Committee, that features rock and pop music. 


There were a variety of acts, ranging from solo/duo performances to rock bands. This includes North Shore Smokefree Rockquest award-winning bands—Stacked and Loophole. A highlight of the event was the teacher band consisting of teachers from the music department. Their performance featured a stellar saxophone solo from Mr Fristch and amazing lead vocals by Mrs Prictor. 


Not only was the music great, but the lighting too! Every performance included different coloured lights which enhanced the concert experience. We even had students shining their own flashlights while enjoying the music. 


All in all, Big Lunch In was a huge success and was a fun experience for all. A huge thanks to all the performers, helpers, and the audience for coming!


Pastoral Committee


Pink Shirt Day

On Monday 21 May, the Pastoral Committee hosted Pink Shirt Day. Pink Shirt Day is a day when people wear a pink shirt to symbolize a stand against bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting kindness and inclusivity. The event was held with a gold coin donation and all proceeds went towards the Mental Health Foundation.


To promote this mufti day, posters designed by Pastoral Committee members were advertised around the school. These posters raised awareness about bullying prevention as well as the event. During lunch at the event, there was a bake sale at the front of the auditorium, selling a variety of delicious home-baked goods, and a photo frame to take photos with. We were lucky enough to have Senior Constable Bryan Ward and Suzy Cato come visit us and interact with the students. In addition, a prize of pinky bars was awarded to the pinkest tutor class, pinkest student and the pinkest staff member.


This year’s Pink Shirt Day was a massive success. The bake sale alone raised approximately $320. In total $3,411.70 was raised for the Mental Health Foundation. We hope these donations can make a positive impact on the mental health of Aotearoa and create an even brighter, inclusive, and safe environment in our school and the wider community.


Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora!

Gumboot Friday

On Friday 28 May Rangitoto College and the Pastoral Committee presented a never before held event to raise money for the I Am Hope foundation. The I Am Hope foundation is a youth and community-focused support group, who encourages kids to take agency of their mental health and development. Gumboot Friday was a charitable event we held to support kids’ and teens' mental health. Gumboot Friday invited students to wear gumboots with their school uniform to support people who struggle with mental health, as for them every day is like walking through mud. 

On the day there were some fun activities that students could attend to show their support for the foundation.  Everyone had the option to go to the Rangi Centre at lunchtime to listen to a very special guest speaker, New Zealand’s own Jazz Thornton.  Jazz Thornton is the Young New Zealander of the year as well as a mental health ambassador on many social media platforms who has become popular by speaking out and reducing the stigma around mental health and those who struggle with theirs.


Jazz spoke about the importance of mental health and promoted her books ‘Stop Surviving and Start Fighting’ and ‘My Journey Starts Here’. Many students attended her heartwarming speech and got photos, autographs and hugs afterwards.  At lunch time there was a gumboot throwing competition on the top field, where many students competed for an amazing trophy for how far they could throw a gumboot. There was also a trophy for the person who wore the “Coolest Looking Gumboots.” 
Overall, Gumboot Friday was a fun and informative day for all of us.  It was a resounding success, as a school we raised a total of $835 for the I Am Hope foundation, through students' and teachers' gold coin donations.  We are so proud we raised money and awareness for such a great cause!