Classics Dinner

On Monday 29 March our Year 12 and 13 Classical Studies students headed to Taksim in Mairangi Bay for an evening full of delicious food and great company.


An outsider looking in may have been confused as the room was filled with many classical figures such as Macedonia’s King Alexander, Greek and Roman soldiers who had clearly left their posts for a meal,  Medusa and her snakes, and many of the Greek and Roman gods graced us with their presence, including a bewildered and forgetful Dionysus. There were many cleverly planned costumes, that, in some cases, took weeks of crafting.


While our students were all classically dressed, special congratulations must go out to the winners of our best-dressed categories—Ella Roberts, Tazanna Dell, Oliver Roe and Josh Trotter.


The dinner would not have been complete without our annual quiz, and this year’s winners were the Pretty Petty Pantheon, named after the collection of beautiful yet spiteful gods that controlled the lives of the ancient Greeks and Romans.