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World Vision


The 40 Hour Famine is an annual fundraising event in New Zealand that aims to put an end to the hunger pandemic and save lives around the world. It involves giving up something you take for granted for 40 hours and encouraging friends and family to raise money for the cause.


This year, the Service Committee raised awareness by speaking at assemblies and tutor classes. The College raised a total of $15,700 for World Vision, which blew the target of $10,000 out of the water.


As part of the aim to encourage as many people as possible to take part, the committee had Kiwi singer PAIGE come in to speak. In addition, students were encouraged with a pizza lunch for the winning class and as a final reward, the Premier Boys Rugby team, along with student leaders and teachers, were shaving cream pied during assembly.


Congratulations to everyone on their amazing efforts!