Arts Week


The Arts Committee had the pleasure of organising Arts Week for the beginning of Term 3. Throughout the week we hosted a range of fun activities such as chalk art, Just Dance, and face painting. We ended the week with our annual event, Rangi’s Got Talent. This event showcases some of Rangitoto College’s most talented students in the performing arts and is one that all can enjoy.


To start the week, one of our members played the bagpipes around the school for all to hear. This event definitely made it loud and clear that it was Arts Week! On Tuesday we gathered in front of the auditorium to listen to some fun jazzy tunes from the jazz combo, North Sea. Here the audience got to relax and spend some time doing chalk art. By the end of lunch, the ground was covered with unique and cool chalk drawings. The next day, we hosted Just Dance in the auditorium where everyone got to dance and let loose to some iconic hits. On Thursday, we had face painting where people could get flowers and different patterns painted on their faces.


To end the week with a bang, Rangi’s Got Talent was a great success with multiple singing/music, dancing, and rapping acts. Every act was entertaining and displayed the performers’ talent. After a beautiful lyrical dance performance to ‘Sign of the Times’, Amelia Ullrich was announced as the winner of Rangi’s Got Talent!


All in all, this year’s Arts Week was a huge success, and we’d like to give a huge thanks to all the performers, teachers, and students for coming! 


Feifei Sun

Year 11 Arts Committee member